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CBD for Pets

We’re pet people…we go way beyond just being pet friendly here at Siskiyou Sungrown: we border on pet crazy. We don’t have furry friends, we have furry family members. So when it came time to craft a CBD product for dogs and cats and other mammals, we approached it with the same standards of quality and effectiveness as we do with our products for people.

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All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, and pets need CBD for the same reasons humans do, including vision and brain development, helping manage inflammation in skin and joints, relieving stress, and a whole host of other physiological functions. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can lend to the long, pain-free, and active life we so desperately want for them.

Our Pet CBD Tincture begins with the same full spectrum, whole plant, ethanol extracted hemp oil that is the basis for all of our other products. Our proprietary process extracts a potent oil that retains all of the beneficial plant constituents and cannabinoids you want in your CBD supplements.

That potent CBD oil is blended with omega-rich, wild Alaskan salmon oil for effective absorption and a yummy taste dogs and cats love. Combining CBD with a powerful, health promoting essential fatty acid like wild salmon oil is simply brilliant, addressing so many of our pets’ wellness needs, like promoting a healthy skin and coat, strengthening their immune system, fighting heart disease, and improving cognitive function in older dogs.

Fish oil contains two key omega-3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both EPA and DHA are important components of cell membranes in both humans and animals, and the fatty acids act as signals in cells to decrease inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain, redness, and swelling in the skin, joints, and organs. EPA promotes a healthy coat, easing dandruff and, some say, reducing shedding. The DHA supports brain and eye development.

Finally, a note about why we only use “wild Alaskan salmon:” Farmed salmon can be raised in terribly polluted waters, and when researchers analyzed both farm raised and wild salmon from eight major regions around the world they found that farm raised salmon contained dangerous levels of PCBs, dioxins and the insecticides dieldrin and toxaphene. That’s just not okay. Not for our pets.

Give your pets the best. Available from our website, each two ounce bottle contains 200 milligrams of potent, full spectrum CBD.

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