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Full Spectrum Hemp

What is Full Spectrum Hemp What makes a hemp or cannabis product full spectrum? Many are marketed as full spectrum, because it’s a trendy buzzword, and consumers have a vague idea that full spectrum is a good thing. Many of these claims are misleading because the products lack crucial and beneficial classes of phytochemicals (phyto...
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CBD for Pets

We’re pet people...we go way beyond just being pet friendly here at Siskiyou Sungrown: we border on pet crazy. We don’t have furry friends, we have furry family members. So when it came time to craft a CBD product for dogs and cats and other mammals, we approached it with the same standards of quality and effectiveness as we do with our products for people.
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Why Whole Plant Matters

One of Siskiyou Sungrown’s foundational practices is to formulate our wellness products with the highest quality whole plant medicine. Why do we go to the trouble of using the whole plant, rather than using isolated cannabinoids, which are cheaper and easier to obtain?
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Would you like to sleep better? Our environments and lifestyles have many influences that can interfere with healthy sleep patterns. An estimated 20% of US adults have a sleep disorder, and many more report chronic insufficient sleep. Adequate restorative slumber is fundamental for human health, and the need to restore a normal restful sleep cycle...
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More Hemp for the Holidays!

Special deals on CBD products through December!! Plus three great gift packs so you can give good health as the best present ever! Don’t miss out on these great deals for our premium, full spectrum Hemp CBD products. Deals start today and run through the end of the month. #1 12/7 to 12/9: Buy Two,...
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Hemp for the Holidays

You probably already know that CBD reduces anxiety for a lot of users. Whether you experience anxiety related issues on a regular basis or not, all of us are subject to such things during the holiday season. We’re thrown into social settings and encounters with a lot more people, we tend to overindulge and overspend,...
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Why we chose Sol Blends for our topical CBD products

Have you ever met someone who’s chosen a path so perfect that there’s no question they’re doing exactly what they were meant to? Maggie Lowry is like that. Maggie is the founder of Sol Blends, a Southern Oregon based producer of handcrafted botanical topical products derived from organically grown and ethically wildcrafted herbs. She’s part...
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Mayo Clinic Publishes Cannabis Q&A

We’re betting even those most skeptical about cannabis as medicine will listen to the Mayo Clinic. And while they published just one question in their Q&A, it was an opportunity for the Mayo to weigh in on their current position. Their answer was encouraging for those of us seeking federal approval of this amazing plant...
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CBD Distillate

Distillation is not a new concept. From alcohol to herbal remedies, people have been distilling things to refine, purify, concentrate, and extract volatile components since the Babylonians in 1200 BC. Why this brief history lesson? Because a contemporary approach to this age-old practice results in something awesome: Distillate of CBD. Though the methods have changed,...
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How Clean is Your Hemp?

As the hemp CBD industry evolves across the country, we will undoubtedly see more rules and regulations related to marketing claims about products. But for the time being, hemp producers have quite a bit of leeway when it comes to stating how products are grown and processed. Regardless how you feel about rules, and whether there...
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