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Category: CBD Tincture

CBD for Pets

We’re pet people...we go way beyond just being pet friendly here at Siskiyou Sungrown: we border on pet crazy. We don’t have furry friends, we have furry family members. So when it came time to craft a CBD product for dogs and cats and other mammals, we approached it with the same standards of quality and effectiveness as we do with our products for people.
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Hemp for the Holidays

You probably already know that CBD reduces anxiety for a lot of users. Whether you experience anxiety related issues on a regular basis or not, all of us are subject to such things during the holiday season. We’re thrown into social settings and encounters with a lot more people, we tend to overindulge and overspend,...
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Introducing our new hemp-derived CBD products

With our participation in the new hemp program with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, we’re able to farm and formulate our famous CBD product line in a new format, with lower costs, and the ability to serve a larger customer base. This wonderful opportunity is one we’re very grateful for, as we’re now providing lower cost...
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