As the hemp CBD industry evolves across the country, we will undoubtedly see more rules and regulations related to marketing claims about products. But for the time being, hemp producers have quite a bit of leeway when it comes to stating how products are grown and processed. Regardless how you feel about rules, and whether there should be more or less of them, consumers, for now, have to figure out for themselves which products meet their individual standards.

An article in High Times last October presented the question: Is Your Weed Dirty? As they point out:

A pretty package, a cute strain name, and a tasty-looking product can go a long way towards building consumer trust. But in a recent study, a Berkeley laboratory found that a substantial amount of weed contained pesticides. Steep Hill Labs did another study and found that some medical marijuana, meant for ill patients whose immune systems may be compromised, contained pesticides … Furthermore, these pesticides can have even more detrimental health effects when heated or burned.

Well, that’s just not okay.

We began as a medicinal cannabis provider, originally operating under the legal medical cannabis channels (OMMP), selling directly to medical dispensaries for medically-approved patients. And while our products are now available through recreational channels, our objectives remain the same: to produce the cleanest, healthiest, most pure and potent products, and do it organically, sustainably, and ethically.

Our commitment to clean CBD products goes back to when our founders, Cedar and Madrone Grey, first developed their original cannabis oil to help family members with serious health issues. Obviously they weren’t going to allow any pesticides or other toxic constituents to infringe on their mission. And that remains true today.

But how can you be sure?  Third party testing.

All of our products go through independent third party testing at Green Leaf Labs, which checks not only for cannabinoid levels, but also tests for pesticides, mold, and residual solvents. And you’ll find these on our website for every batch of every product we produce: See test results here.

The concept of “Know Your Farmer” is critically important when choosing your hemp provider, and that’s why we go out of our way to convey not only what we do, but why we do it that way. We want you to ‘know’ us.

And we want you to know our products. So if the chemistry of cannabinoids interests you, or if you’d like to see proof of our organic claims, just go to our website and see the lab results for yourself.