Siskiyou Sungrown Farm is looking better than ever in 2018. We had a beautiful spring with mild temperatures and plentiful rains, which assisted our organic cultivation of award-winning cannabis. Now full-on summer is here with triple digit temperatures, regional wildfires, and smoky skies, but our crop is well established and growing quickly.

We added more hedgerows of perennial and annual flowering plants along our fence lines, bringing additional biodiversity, predatory insect habitat, food for pollinators, deep breaths, and smiles. The biodiversity is paying off — when Chuck, our resident entomologist, finds pesky insects in the field, he invariably finds predators munching on them. This minimizes our need for pest interventions. Farm Manager Armando initiated our apiculture (beekeeping) project, and now our bees are buzzing about happily, pollinating, reproducing, and making honey.

This season was our first experience growing autoflowering plants, and it was very successful. We germinated seed in early April, transplanted into the field in May, harvested the first week of July, and replanted immediately with full season (photoperiod) plants.

As we care for our well established crop, we’re increasing our attention on our breeding program. This year we are producing our own feminized seed, in addition to propagating our most prized CBD cultivars through cloning. These dog days of summer also allow us to take a breath and prepare for the upcoming frenzy of harvest, which runs from mid-September into November.


– Cedar Grey, Co-Founder and CEO