Have you ever met someone who’s chosen a path so perfect that there’s no question they’re doing exactly what they were meant to? Maggie Lowry is like that.

Maggie is the founder of Sol Blends, a Southern Oregon based producer of handcrafted botanical topical products derived from organically grown and ethically wildcrafted herbs. She’s part herbalist, part farmer, and part alchemist. And she’s part of the Siskiyou Sungrown team: Sol Blends produces the two topical products in our Hemp CBD line.

At least the third generation in her family line to work with healing plants, Maggie learned to identify specific plants and their healing properties at a young age on walks with her family. In fact, when asked how long she’s been interested in herbal remedies she’ll tell you she has “always been on this journey.”

That journey has landed her on a pristine patch of land in the Williams Valley, where she organically grows a selection of powerful plants, including calendula, chamomile, comfrey, arnica, and St. John’s Wort. For other needed ingredients she taps into her early roots and wild harvests from long-time favorite locations. This process includes the careful gathering of materials with sustainability of the resource at the top of her mind.

Maggie’s harvesting and processing methods are intuitive and intention-driven, and with her small batch approach she is able to nurture the extractions into concentrated remedies. She is equally conscious about her natural, cold pressed base oils and organic butters used to carry the herbal extractions, which are also healing and skin nurturing in their own right.

For Siskiyou Sungrown, Maggie has custom blended our CBD Skin Balm in a base of beeswax and olive, apricot, and almond oils, and blended in 250 milligrams of our full spectrum CBD oil with calendula, camomile, comfrey, and other powerful herbs. (see complete ingredient list here). For the CBD Body Oil, grape seed, apricot, and almond oils are infused with 500 milligrams of our CBD oil along with some of Maggie’s signature herbs (check out this ingredient list here.).

So all of that adds up to a perfect partner for us. Her organic plant material standards, the alchemy of her blends, and the intention of her end products to heal body and soul are remarkably like what we do. And that’s what makes a good venture; shared principals.

Sol Blends products are available on her website (www.SolBlends.com), and at The Whistling Duck Farm Store in the Applegate Valley. You’ll find  our Hemp CBD Skin Balm and Body Oil available on our website, or at our retail store in Grants Pass. (1205 Rogue River Highway, GP).