Navigating the ever-evolving but important rules and regulations for making and marketing cannabis in Oregon can be challenging.

For example, for the time being, we can’t tell you that cannabis is medicine. Though many of us got into the business because we believe the plant is one of the most powerful botanical remedies on the planet, we aren’t allowed to tell you that it can treat any specific health concern. So we don’t.

But we began as a medicinal provider under the original OMMP guidelines—where you can say medicine—and we’re solidly rooted in this mission (read more about our story here). One reason we take so much care to produce our products from our own organically grown plants and extract using only organic cane alcohol is because we’re in it for the healing properties, and we don’t do anything along the process to infringe on that. If you’ve chosen to use it as part of your good health regimen, then you want the healthiest cannabis available.

Even though more and more scientific studies reveal cannabis’ beneficial effects, for many decades we’ve all been told that it’s a dangerous drug. In that context, the very words ‘medicinal cannabis’ are an oxymoron (you know… like ‘open secret’ or ‘jumbo shrimp’). But that’s changing, and we’re actually watching the word ‘cannabis’ become synonymous with ‘medicine’.

So for now, until we’re allowed to do so, we won’t use the ‘M’ word. We’ll let others do that… from the mainstream to the ‘alternative health’ community, if you’re considering cannabis from a health perspective, here are some great resources for expert opinions on just what this amazing plant can be used for.

If you want science-backed data sortable by ailment, there are a number of good sites. Green FlowerProject CBD, and Marijuana Doctors all let you search for a specific health concerns.

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s extensive website presents all kinds of tips and usage for self care with herbs, supplements, lifestyle, and nutrition. This simple article gives straight forward information for cannabis beginners about the cannabinoid system. What Happens to Your Body When You Use Medical Marijuana?

Perhaps the most notable mainstream physician to take a stand for cannabis medicine is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Though his original article, Why I Changed My Mind on Weed was written five years ago, it’s a good look at how our understanding of cannabis as medicine went so wrong. More recently, in his open letter to the Attorney General he takes a strong position on cannabis’ potential for pain relief as an answer to opioid the epidemic.

And, on our new website, Siskiyou Sungrown customers offer and share their own experiences. We’ve set up a search so that you can look for comments by other users on a specific issue, and you can sort by words like ‘sleep’ or ‘pain’ on the Testimonials page. We invite you to share your story with others there.

So… “Happy Healing.” Cuz we CAN say that!