Why choose Siskiyou Sungrown?

Our Story

Siskiyou Sungrown was founded in 2014, but our story goes back much further. For Cedar and Madrone Grey, what began as a long-standing appreciation for the therapeutic power of cannabis became a personal quest to help family members with critical health issues many years ago.

The Greys committed to organic methods of farming and extraction in pursuit of the most pure and potent cannabis product possible: whole plant, organic ethanol extracted, decarboxylated cannabis oil. The results have been life changing for family, friends, patients and consumers.

Originally operating under the Oregon medical program, Cedar and Madrone personally made and distributed their Oregon hemp company products for medically-approved patients statewide. When recreational use was implemented in 2016, Siskiyou Sungrown added state licensed dispensaries to their customer base.

Today, Siskiyou Sungrown is the standard bearer for CBD wellness products, and has received many awards for sustainability and product quality. A team of 20 committed professionals work together to farm, process, and distribute cannabis products to over 300 dispensaries around Oregon, and hemp CBD products nationwide. Cedar has been appointed by Governor Brown to the Oregon Cannabis Commission, advising state agencies on medical cannabis policy. Siskiyou Sungrown is very excited about the future of cannabis medicine!