Full Spectrum: Protect Yourself From Deceptive Marketing

What makes a hemp or cannabis product full spectrum?

Many brands are marketed as full spectrum without understanding the meaning of full spectrum hemp because it’s become a trendy buzzword in the industry. Like the term “all natural,” consumers have the idea that full spectrum CBD is a good thing, and they are correct. However, most of these claims are misleading, because the average cannabis/hemp product marketed as full spectrum lacks crucial and beneficial classes of phytochemicals (phyto- means derived from plants).

Genuine full spectrum CBD products contain the entire spectrum of phytochemicals present in the hemp/cannabis plant. Full spectrum extractions of the whole plant can create a product that contains cannabinoidsterpenespolyphenols, and other beneficial phytochemicals, which synergize for maximum efficacy. For a cannabis/hemp product to be truly full spectrum, it must begin with the whole plant and be produced with specific methods that extract all of these valuable constituents. With that in mind; why are so many cannabis/hemp products misbranded to the detriment of the consumer?

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